Need help or simply want more hands on deck?

If you need specialist skills for a project or need to expand your team's capacity, you can book us in.

Looking for specialist skills?
Here is how we can help.

  • Technical: App-eLearn and general technical development support
  • Customised Theming: Bespoke App-eLearn site theming or customised course theming
  • New components/Extensions: Customised App-eLearn features or interaction types
  • Graphic Design: Graphic design and artwork services
  • Animation: Video animation and creation of motion graphics
  • Videography: Videography services, shooting and editing of professional videos
  • Voice Talent: Voice talent hire to record and edit audio narration
  • Q&A Review: Editorial review, quality assurance and testing
  • Instructional Design: Instructional design and pedagogical design/writing assistance

Simply book time with us directly from within the App-eLearn Tool.

How fast do you need us to be?

We have a large, well-resourced team of many talents, lead by experienced project managers who ensure you are well looked after, in every single project.

You can determine the level of importance based on our service levels below.

Standard Support

Responses within 5 days, with delivery within three weeks for simple production tasks.

Priority Support

Response within 48 hours, with delivery prioritised over Standard subscription members.

Express Support

24-hour response and delivery times of the highest level of priority – production tasks delivered within a week.