From mobile-first, responsive micro-learning content to full courses for your LMS: The choice is yours.

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Designed by our educational specialists with your needs in mind, App-eLearn transforms the eLearning experience into something intuitive, captivating, and enjoyable.

  • Bring learning to life with interactive graphics, videos, and audio features
  • Access a vast library of free images or personalise your course with your own visual content
  • Refresh your course's look fast to suit new audiences or align with your branding
  • Experience the ease of building courses that resonate with your learners and reinforce your unique educational goals

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Dive into design right away! With App-eLearn's cloud-based platform, all you need is your computer and an internet connection to begin creating from anywhere, at any time.

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App-eLearn is user-friendly, with immediate access to support resources that guide you through its key features. If you ever desire more specialised assistance, our team of design and development experts is on standby, ready to help on demand.