New background image feature


I've been trying to use the new 'article' and 'block' background image feature and have been unable to get it to work.

Can anyone give me a work around for getting images into the backgrounds.

Cheers Jen


  • Hi Jen,

    App-eLearn is undergoing another major tool upgrade, with awesome new features and plugins. The 'background selector' function is a part of the new upgrade and is currently moving to the new version of App-eLearn.

    Stay tuned on App-eLearn's social media for continuous reveals on the new upgrade.

  • Hi, I though I would see if this has been updated, or if there was a timeline perhaps? Thanks!

    PS, love the help videos.

  • Hi Lance,

    We have 2 plugins coming that simplify the background process and allow you to have video or gradient backgrounds. The plugins will be available as soon as we have the new version of App-eLearn ready to go!

    Stay tuned on App-eLearn's social media!

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